Woodlawn Food Truck Festival - Chicago, IL

About Woodlawn Food Truck Festival

The purpose of the Woodlawn Food Truck Festival is to bring the entire Woodlawn Community together as one community by creating an event that family and friends of the neighborhood can enjoy. The Woolawn community is growing with so many new developments, new businesses, and wonderful opportunities. The Woodlawn Food Truck Festival is a great venue where people can gather together, enjoy great mobile cuisines at affordable prices, get to know the neighborhood, while attending many of the events presented by the Soulful Chicago Book Fair as well as live entertainment.

Why Woodlawn?

There is no better community to be apart of in Chicago. We have a rich history and a diverse community. We are the future home of the Obama Library and Woodlawn is staging itself for economic change. The Woodlawn Food Truck Festival is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication of the community. Join in on the Summertime Fun and be apart of the Woodlawn Truck Festival!

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We are excited about helping the community and we love to hear about how the community wants improve and participate.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@woodlawnfoodtruckfest.com.